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Aug 17

Struggling to find content for your video?

Content Marketing

Recent stats show that online video drives a 157% increase in traffic from organic SERPs. With the growth of platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube it’s important for local businesses to take stock.

Understanding the value in creating videos for your company can be an effective way to drive new customers.

Although sometimes we all feel like we’re missing that creative spark we need to create great content online for our video marketing material.

Creating great video content from scratch can be difficult, however we can help you create amazing videos that will have a positive impact on your business. But even we can get stuck sometimes.

There’s generally two ways to get great content to use in your videos. One is that you take photos and video clips yourself.

The other one is to use content found online. There are a ton of free resources you can use, so scroll down to get a list of resources you can use to make awesome videos for your business!

Video Inspiration

Use the power of video to drive up sales, build brand awareness and help your company skyrocket.

Make social videos to engage your audience, increase shares and likes, and grow your social presence.

Introduce your products/brand in no time with Fashion Promo. A video with modern transitions, with some touch of colors on a black and white theme, will make your brand stand out from the crowd!

 Fashion Promo


How about an Instagram infographic video

Some texts + your logo + an Instagram account
= Presence on Instagram

instagram videos

Impress your audiences with this lovely monochrome themed design. It sophisticated and powerful. The energetic approach can be extremely appealing to your viewers.

You can’t go wrong!

get conversions on your social media videos

A unique video design that uses an extraordinary “image drop” theme to attract attention. The collage like effect sets off nostalgic vibes, which can be great for marketing.

Ideal for all products and services.


We can create short videos for your website to accompany your stories and attract attention with compelling videos.

How To Find Great (free) Photos and Videos For Your Video Online
There are a ton of great and free resources around the web where you can find amazing photos and video clips for free online! Here’s a list of resources you can use:

Video Clips:


Don’t let a perceived lack of ability get in your way, let us help you grow your revenue—and your business— with video today.


Aug 23

The Alternative Rio 2016 Olympics Medal Table

Content Marketing , Creative

What happens to the Rio Olympics 2016 medal tally if you take population, GDP or Google searches into account?


The Alternative Rio 2016 Olympics Medal Table

Every four years at the Olympics we see similar trends — the most populated countries and those that invest the most heavily in their sports programs take the top medal slots.

So what if you wanted to take account of factors beyond the traditional medal count? What if data could examine previous Olympics and economic indicators such as the output of a country’s economy (GDP), the size of its population — and also different kinds of search interest on Google (for countries providing data).

But what if you could look at the medal table in another way? What if a small, less populous country, with fewer resources wins a large number of medals?

And these were then weighted the medal scores by each factor, to create a medal ‘count’ reflecting each variable.

The techniques of data journalism were applied to this idea, which is what the Alternative Rio 2016 Olympics Medal Interactive Table is all about.

Click on the headings below to drill down deeper by category or use the drop down country menu to get country stats.

Like this…

We create compelling digital content that attracts, informs and converts. 

Our team of experienced professionals are experts in developing content—blog posts, articles, white papers, newsletters, videos, and graphics—that meets each brand’s unique goals.

Whether you’re looking to hire us, get some advice, or just have a chat we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to find out more..

Dec 17

2016 SEO Strategy – What’s Your???

Content Marketing , SEO

SEO Strategy 2016

Today we are going to give you a real life example of how you can avoid the common SEO mistakes that everyone else (and your competitors) have been making.

In this post we are going to get you up to speed with our 2016 SEO strategy.

Ready? Let’s get into it.

SEO Strategy 2016

2016 SEO Strategy

How to 10X your SEO results (Simplified Version)

Previously we showed the top SEO mistakes that most people make that results in them totally giving up on SEO.

It’s so disheartening to see this happen, because as an Sydney digital agency we’ve seen first-hand how amazing SEO can be good for your business…

Here’s an example of how we recently helped a new client to get everything back on track.

Let’s call him Bruce (not his real name).

Bruce came to us with a handful of keywords. He had already had some optimisation on his website but didn’t see much movement.

His site was already getting some traffic, but not enough.

We booked a meeting with him, and in just a short period of time we were able to break down all the troublesome areas and create an SEO plan for him –

Here’s what we did for him:

  • Keyword Research: Competitive Analysis + Long Tail Strategy

We took a look at his keywords, and they were OK, but not great.

We were then able to pull up his 3 top competitors, show him what terms they were ranking for, which keywords were profitable, and which ones he should be going after.

We took those keywords and created a list of long tail keywords that could get him a combined traffic of 3-4X what he was originally looking at.

Then we showed him how we were going to strategically use all these keywords and what types of links go with which to see results quickly and build up over time.

  •  Fixing Hidden On-Site Issues + Conversion Tricks

We took a look at his site and saw he had the basics down. His title tags were OK and he had enough content on the page. But he was missing a few things that could really improve his SEO.

We showed him a few tweaks to his title tags to get more clicks from searchers (improving his CTR and rank position) – This is a hidden ranking factor that most people don’t consider.

We also showed him an internal linking strategy to keep the juice flowing inside his site and bump his keywords (before we even built any links!).

  • Link Building Strategy: Link Type Importance

Bruce didn’t really have a link building strategy.

We broke it down and showed him exactly how we can use each type of link (press releases, web 2.0 links, guest posts, high DA homepage links) and how to use each type and in which order to maximize success.

After we showed him the plan it started to *click*…

  • Link Volume & Velocity Calculation

With the battle plan, we were able to calculate the amount of links that he would need to start seeing results.

The thing is, because we did our keyword research right in the beginning, he can start seeing gains way way quicker that he would have initially.

Because of this cohesive strategy, he won’t waste any more money waiting around for his handful of keywords to rank.

  • Clear ROI Path

We worked closely with Bruce and showed him how he was missing out on a huge chunk of SEO traffic.

It was important for him to use the complete strategy to get the traffic he needed for his return on investment.

We set the expectations so he didn’t just give up while all his competitors crushed him.

That’s what he really needed – an entire, cohesive SEO plan to get results.

….And that’s what you need to see amazing results in 2016.

The problem is, it can be really confusing to put it all together for someone who sees this for the first time.

On top of that, it’s pretty easy to mess up if you don’t really know what you’re doing.

If you feel like you don’t know what you are doing when it comes to SEO or feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start then feel free to get in touch with the team a Flarecom for an obligation free chat to improve your SEO search results in 2016.

May 16

Creating Content to Engage Today’s Customer

Content Marketing

Having recently attended The Content Marketing Institute Conference in Sydney I thought I’d share with you some of the highlights of the 3 day event where I got to meet the great Joe Pulizzi.

The internet has changed how consumers discover new products and services, and the way they evaluate and make purchase decisions.

Joe Pulizzi from The Content Marketing Institute

Brian with Joe Pulizzi from The Content Marketing Institute

Nowadays developing high-impact content that engages consumers is key to fueling website visits and increasing engagement. But achieving this on a daily basis is not easy; we constantly hear business owners say that writing and producing a steady flow of relevant content is one of their greatest challenges.

In this article we share some tips on building a content strategy, driving consumer engagement through day-today messaging and large-scale promotions, and delivering content at scale. You’ll learn how to apply these tactics to get maximum value from your content and build your social brand.

Engage Customers With Relevant Content

Content is the fuel of your internet marketing engine. Without compelling content that engages consumers on a consistent basis, your internet marketing won’t deliver results. But developing fresh, engaging relevant content, day after day is one of businesses greatest challenges. Brands that succeed at consistently delivering engaging content begin with a well-planned content strategy and apply best practices in content development.

Online Content Strategy

Here are several guidelines to keep in mind as you plan your onsite content strategy.

Align your online content with your marketing objectives. Content should support your marketing objectives. For example, if your goal is to build brand awareness beyond your existing customers or clients, your content strategy needs to reflect it. You’ll want to create brand relevant content that has a high likelihood of being shared, such as an entertaining video. By contrast, if your objective is to generate immediate revenue from your existing social audience, your content strategy should focus on creating compelling offers that drive consumers to sales transactions.

Work from a well-defined plan and editorial calendar.

The ability to create and publish content at scale requires advanced planning and coordination with your overall marketing p

Creating Content to Engage Consumers

lan. Use an editorial calendar that coordinates your content plan with your marketing campaigns, as well as relevant industry events and seasonal trends.

While a editorial content plan is essential for efficiently publishing content at scale, successful content strategies are also flexible enough to adapt to unanticipated events and opportunities. In general, the 80/20 rule will apply: 80% of your content will be planned, 20% developed in response to unplanned events.


Understand what motivates your target consumers

Marketers typically build customer profiles of their target market describing in depth who those consumers are, what they do, their interests and desires. Online, interactions with a brand are often “public” in nature, so understanding how the social context influences behavior is an important aspect of the consumer “social persona.” For instance, content that activates consumers’ desire to display positive personal traits (e.g., intelligence, wit, compassion, etc.) can be very effective in driving engagement and sharing.

Users are more likely to share your content when doing so reflects their style, personality or aptitude or a relevant piece

of information that their friend or colleagues may find funny or interesting. Always consider how your site visitors will react to your content by putting yourself in their shoes.


Continuously experiment and test

Online content is an area where continuous experimentation and testing pays off. In social media, you can quickly test co

ntent elements to see what works best at driving engagement and action: headlines, messages, photos, offers, calls to action, and so on. You can test which day of the week and what time of day work best for posting content; you can also test by social channel, geography, language, and audience segment.

Experimentation should be a standard part of your approach to social, with systems in place to set up and track your tests.

So how do you go about developing compelling, engaging content? Based on our experience working with hundreds of brands, we’ve found that successful online marketing requires developing two types of content for your social properties: basic messaging (day to- day posts regarding brand news, time-sensitive offers and other content relevant at a particular moment in time) and larger-scale social promotions that build momentum and buzz around brand initiatives and special events. Brands that drive engagement most successfully have developed a steady rhythm around publishing both types of content.


It’s important to keep in mind, however, that there is no standard formula for successful content.
A well-rounded online marketing strategy includes a steady stream of varied content designed to influence a range of user interactions. Successful brands approach content creation from multiple angles—some might be aimed at achieving high participation rates and other at driving high sharing activity.

Successful content marketing involves creating and publishing relevant content at a pace and volume greater than most small businesses are used to.

Businesses that excel at content marketing tend to publish more content than average, with a variety of content to support different business objectives. And they use paid media to amplify their owned content further, reaching new consumers outside of their existing social audience.


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