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Nov 15

How Australian Retailers Can Prevent Amazongeddon.


                          How Australian Retailers Can Prevent Amazongeddon.

It has been said the Amazon could officially arrive in Australia by November 24th to coincide with the Black Friday online weekend spending.

According to the doomsayers Amazon’s launch in Australia will accelerate growth in the online retail market resulting in reduced growth and turnover in some shopping centres. This could lead to lower retail rents as retailers rationalise and demand for retail space decreases. Most analysts predict that electrical and appliances will be hardest hit with Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi the most likely Australian local retailers to be negatively affected.


However clothing and footwear could also be under fire as beginning this month Amazon is scheduled to undertake three fashion shoots per day, five days per week, at secret locations across Melbourne.


In other markets Amazon sells other brands’ clothing label  as well as its own private label clothing, including men’s and women’s basics, business attire, children’s wear, and a recently launched sportswear range.


Amazon Australia has registered trademarks in Australia on brands including AmazonBasics, which sell mass market products covering everything from electronics to kitchenware.


So what should local retailers do to prevent Amazongeddon?

If you try to fight Amazon or Ebay for that matter, on their terms you will struggle as they have website authority due to world-class backlinks and high domain authority. Amazon with their enormous advertising budgets are experts at building brand exposure which leads to more branded searches in Google. Branded searches can be a huge trust signal for a website.


So website authority combined with branded searches makes these global brands an SEO supremacy, allowing them to publish duplicate or thin content and still rank highly.


However the good news is you can fight back and with some SEO stealth tactics even beat these e-com giants at their own game.


Step 1: Niche Down


These larger sites are competing across many different categories and they don’t have the ability to reach the level of dept that a niche site can. When you niche down, every page on your site is about the same topic, for example a site that specialises in outdoor and camping supplies, this makes it very easy for Google to determine what your site is about camping.


This combined with everyday SEO best practice (which we can help with!) will ensure you have put your best foot forward in the e-comm online battle.


Step 2: Long Tail


Niching down will also help you to rank for those longer tail keywords which is something that the e-com giants don’t do well. Using the outdoor and camping store example this might be “cold weather sleeping bags”, this search has little or no Australia competition except for the Adwords advertisers – who should do some SEO and rank free for this term.


If you sell these type of sleeping bags ensure you optimise the product description for these sorts of long tail searches, this will also help you rise above the duplicate product descriptions that appear on other sites.


When doing or having your digital agency do your keyword research look for keywords that have a clear commercial intent. Although sales volumes will be lower for these longer tail keywords conversion rates (purchases) can be much higher.


It is also worth sometimes adding a geo term or city name eg sleeping bags Melbourne as this will limit your competition from the bigger sites like Amazon and Ebay.


Tip: Don’t compete for high volume search phrases drill down into your products figure out your ideal customer and create content to hit them with.


Step 3: Topical Relevancy


Considering that over 50% of keyword queries are unique and even search engines have not seen them; information retrieval relies on contextual relevance to determine a pages quality score determined by the domain authority.


So using the outdoor and camping store example you might try to rank for informational type content for example “best sleeping bags for summer” or “best down sleeping bags australia”.


Topical relevancy differs from keyword research, with keyword research you only focus on keyword search volumes in a particular market eg Google Australia or maybe Sydney if its a more localised business.

With topical relevancy your primary focus should be to help users solve their problems or to find what they were looking for, even if they don’t know what that is yet and even if the keyword doesn’t have search volume.


Step 4: Backlink Strategy


Backlinks have been an important part of online marketing for a long time now. For those that are asking What is a backlink? A “backlink” is created when an external 3rd party website links to your website.  


Backlinks if done correctly can help improve your website’s traffic, rank, reputation, and even relationships. If done incorrectly backlinks can lead to a Google Penalty as happened to Interflora a couple of years back.


Successful brands should incorporate backlink strategies into their overall marketing strategy, building links on sites not only with high authority, but also meaning to their personas.


There are a variety of methods that can be used to increase a website’s backlink profile. You need quality content, with something valuable to say in order to earn your backlink.  


If considering a backlink campaign or outreach campaign it is best to talk to a reputable digital agency such as Flarecom Digital Marketing first rather going ahead yourself and buying a heap of dodgy links on a site like Fiverr.


If you can’t beat them join them – Start with Selling on Amazon


If all of the above seems to difficult there is always the option to sell your own products on Amazon. Amazon offer a range of selling plans and price points to suit a variety of business sizes.


Amazon’s vast influence and presence make it an appealing platform for retailers who want to take advantage of the site’s unmatched volume of traffic. At our agency we work with many clients who are exploring the decision to sell on Amazon. If you’re considering whether or not Amazon is a viable channel for you brand, here are some things to keep in mind.


Amazon SEO Requires On-going Maintenance

Search visibility is the key to success on Amazon. According to Amazon, search is the number one way users find products on their platform, so in order to have success on the Amazon platform you need to invest in optimizing your listings.


Just like regular SEO, Amazon product listing optimization requires constant upkeep. You can’t simply set your product listings, forget about them and expect the sales to roll in.


Similar to regular SEO, Amazon has created its own ranking Algorithm for retailers with the intention of gaining maximum visibility of their products. However, understanding the Amazon algorithm for your Amazon SEO strategy is necessary for all retailers who are looking for high volume sales on Amazon. That means paying close attention to product titles, keywords, product information, and quantity and quality of reviews.


Optimizing your product listings on an ongoing basis is critical to obtaining enough search visibility to move your products. This is something which we can help business out with as we have recently launched an Amazon Product Optimisation service that looks after all the hard work for you, more details can be found here.


Selling on Amazon is a personal decision for every brand, and it’s important to weigh all the factors before jumping in. In terms of getting your product out in front of an enormous new audience Amazon presents a major opportunity in Australia. But Australian retailers that aren’t able to compete on price may face challenges in the Amazon marketplace. It’s also worth noting that success with Amazon is similar to success in any other channel in that it takes both time and expertise to manage it properly and optimize it fully.

However you choose to move ahead, it’s important to keep your overall business goals in mind and stay focused no matter which you choose.

Flarecom Digital Marketing is everything you’d expect from a smaller digital agency: accountable, autonomous, flexible and personable.

We work across all the main business sectors: retail, finance, charity, travel and b2b. Our work for some of the Australia’s leading brands is recognised for challenging the market, driving innovation and accelerating business performance.



Aug 25

Strategies To Improve Your Local Website Traffic


mprove Your Local Website Traffic
mprove Your Local Website Traffic

ImproveYour Local Website Traffic

There is no denying that Google has thrown some major curve balls to Local SEO in the past 12 months and there will no doubt be more to come. It is because local search is such a mixed bag that there are so many other areas to focus on aside from Google pack rankings and this is a great thing.

The Google local pack results and Google maps are just a few of the very many elements that make up local SEO.

Take comfort in knowing that the local community is on the same page. Local SEO will never be how it was 5+ years ago. Competition has increased and it requires you to go beyond just the basics.

Casey Meraz sums it up well inThe State of Local SEO & Where to FocusNow

Local pack and map rankings are still extremely valuable drivers of business, but make sure you’re also spending time on the other areas of local marketing that are within your control. Don’t obsess over local pack rankings. Let your goals and intent direct your local search efforts.

Let’s jump right in and find out how you can diversify and improve your local SEO strategies…click on the heading below to read more.

Goals - what are yours?

Customer Service / Experience

Customer Reviews

Local Citiations

Onsite Website Optimization

Use Local Sites For Citations

Local Organic SEO

As always Google will keep you on your otes by continuing to update how the search results appear but focusing on the things Google is paying attention to is one of the best ways to make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve to make your local strategy as future-proof as possible.

Say Hello…

If you need to get some advice about how to increase your presence in Google search results or just have a chat we’d love to hear from you.

Jan 08

Googles Maps Engine Closes


Google Maps Engine Closure

Received an email from Google this morning saying that Google Maps Engine is closing at the end of January 2016.

google closure


Google Maps Engine is a tool that lets developers create their own maps on top of Google provided maps. The service now faces a shutdown as the engine is supposedly slowing down. Google Maps will remain functional, but the service to create customized maps will be pulled off.

Website owners should check with their web development team to ensure any on-site store locators will still work after the Google Maps Engine closure.

However as usual with any free products provided by Google information is sketchy at best so I cannot provide any more details at this stage.

Best to check the Google Maps Engine webpage for updates & more information. Google Maps Engine

UPDATE: Affirming Google Maps Engine support will end on January 29, 2016, a Google provided the following statement:

Maps and location information are valuable tools for businesses — whether it’s helping people find your store locations or identifying sales opportunities across town. To help our Maps for Work customers continue to get the highest impact from our products, in 2015 we’ll focus on helping customers deliver location information via our Maps APIs and shift away from selling any non-Maps API products. We’ll support our Maps for Work customers through their contracts and work closely with them and our partners through this transition.


Dec 17

2016 SEO Strategy – What’s Your???

Content Marketing , SEO

SEO Strategy 2016

Today we are going to give you a real life example of how you can avoid the common SEO mistakes that everyone else (and your competitors) have been making.

In this post we are going to get you up to speed with our 2016 SEO strategy.

Ready? Let’s get into it.

SEO Strategy 2016

2016 SEO Strategy

How to 10X your SEO results (Simplified Version)

Previously we showed the top SEO mistakes that most people make that results in them totally giving up on SEO.

It’s so disheartening to see this happen, because as an Sydney digital agency we’ve seen first-hand how amazing SEO can be good for your business…

Here’s an example of how we recently helped a new client to get everything back on track.

Let’s call him Bruce (not his real name).

Bruce came to us with a handful of keywords. He had already had some optimisation on his website but didn’t see much movement.

His site was already getting some traffic, but not enough.

We booked a meeting with him, and in just a short period of time we were able to break down all the troublesome areas and create an SEO plan for him –

Here’s what we did for him:

  • Keyword Research: Competitive Analysis + Long Tail Strategy

We took a look at his keywords, and they were OK, but not great.

We were then able to pull up his 3 top competitors, show him what terms they were ranking for, which keywords were profitable, and which ones he should be going after.

We took those keywords and created a list of long tail keywords that could get him a combined traffic of 3-4X what he was originally looking at.

Then we showed him how we were going to strategically use all these keywords and what types of links go with which to see results quickly and build up over time.

  •  Fixing Hidden On-Site Issues + Conversion Tricks

We took a look at his site and saw he had the basics down. His title tags were OK and he had enough content on the page. But he was missing a few things that could really improve his SEO.

We showed him a few tweaks to his title tags to get more clicks from searchers (improving his CTR and rank position) – This is a hidden ranking factor that most people don’t consider.

We also showed him an internal linking strategy to keep the juice flowing inside his site and bump his keywords (before we even built any links!).

  • Link Building Strategy: Link Type Importance

Bruce didn’t really have a link building strategy.

We broke it down and showed him exactly how we can use each type of link (press releases, web 2.0 links, guest posts, high DA homepage links) and how to use each type and in which order to maximize success.

After we showed him the plan it started to *click*…

  • Link Volume & Velocity Calculation

With the battle plan, we were able to calculate the amount of links that he would need to start seeing results.

The thing is, because we did our keyword research right in the beginning, he can start seeing gains way way quicker that he would have initially.

Because of this cohesive strategy, he won’t waste any more money waiting around for his handful of keywords to rank.

  • Clear ROI Path

We worked closely with Bruce and showed him how he was missing out on a huge chunk of SEO traffic.

It was important for him to use the complete strategy to get the traffic he needed for his return on investment.

We set the expectations so he didn’t just give up while all his competitors crushed him.

That’s what he really needed – an entire, cohesive SEO plan to get results.

….And that’s what you need to see amazing results in 2016.

The problem is, it can be really confusing to put it all together for someone who sees this for the first time.

On top of that, it’s pretty easy to mess up if you don’t really know what you’re doing.

If you feel like you don’t know what you are doing when it comes to SEO or feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start then feel free to get in touch with the team a Flarecom for an obligation free chat to improve your SEO search results in 2016.

Nov 14

30 Proven Ways to Get More Traffic To Your Website….Fast !



Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

If there’s one thing that just about every website business owner needs more of, it’s traffic. But not just any traffic. Naturally, you want targeted traffic who is interested in what you’re selling.

So how do you get all this traffic? Answer: by employing as many proven traffic methods as possible. That’s what this article is about, where you’ll get 30 tips for driving traffic to your site using strategies such as:

  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • Paid Advertising

Let’s jump right in…

Get More Traffic From Social Media

Get More Traffic From SEO

Get More Traffic From Paid Search

There Is An Even Easier Way.....

The tips that we have shared with you in this article will have a dramatic effect on the number of highly targeted potential customers visiting your site resulting in many more sales.

Although the tips to increase your website traffic are very easy for you to put into practice right now and will deliver very fast results, there is actually a lot of work involved in running a successful online business. It requires a huge investment of time and effort, which is not always easy, especially if you are already running a busy offline local business as well.

The good news is that there is an even easier way to send website traffic and new customers to your site so that you can enjoy lots of extra revenue and profit, and that is to allow us to run your online marketing for you.

At Flarecom we are Internet Marketing experts and help many local businesses just like yours with SEO, Adwords as well as Facebook Advertising.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business online.

Say Hello…

Whether you’re looking to hire us, get some advice, or just have a chat we’d love to hear from you.

Jun 03

The Importance Of SEO


You have probably heard me say this before, but if a user visits your site and it does not grab them as almost instantly being what they are looking for they will leave and that is revenue you have lost.

You need to about your target market, what they want…NOT what you want.

seo tips

The Importance Of SEO

To start you off, here are a few simple things you can look at to improve the look of your site that will make a huge difference:

  • Image – is your image relevant to your niche? Does it help your site or is it so distracting that it draws the eye away from the registration box?
  • Call To Action (CTA) – what does your call to action say? What do you want site visitors to do, phone, book online, capture email address?  It must be relevant and lead the user to want to register.
  • Registration Form– you need to assess your fields, do you have too many and are they relevant eg do you ask users to fill out country when this step is unnecessary. Testing haa proven short forms increases online registrations.
  • CTA Button – your text, colour, size and prominence is very important to your page. Also important is where the button is positioned, ideally it should be above the fold so visitors can see it without having to scroll down. The CTA button needs to catch your user’s eye.


Please get in touch, I would love to go over your website and see what can be done to improve it for your business!

Nov 08

SEO Tips – Weekly Roundup From Around the World

News , SEO

Just thought I’d would share with you a roundup of some of this week’s SEO tips and posts from around the world.

Please feel free to share or tweet this post or the articles within it.


Quick SEO Tips to Boost Holiday Sales – Practical Ecommerce Mon, 04 Nov 2013 12:00:38 GMT

Quick SEO Tips to Boost Holiday SalesPractical EcommerceThe holiday selling season is in full swing. If your natural search visits and sales are falling short of your goals, try these quick search-engine-optimization tips to give them a boost. Focus …

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Chad Hallert: SEO tips for your small business – Reno Gazette-Journal Sun, 03 Nov 2013 09:39:36 GMT

Chad Hallert: SEO tips for your small businessReno Gazette-JournalWhen done correctly, SEO has the lowest cost per sale/lead of any marketing initiative and gives small businesses the chance to compete with the big boys. Why should you care about SEO …

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7 Simple Video SEO Tips To Reach Your Target Audience – ReelSEO Online Video News Thu, 17 Oct 2013 18:57:59 GMT

7 Simple Video SEO Tips To Reach Your Target AudienceReelSEO Online Video NewsIt’s so much easier these days to create video, edit video, and host it. It’s a growing trend, both for corporations and small businesses because anyone can upload video. I …

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Main 12 SEO Tips for Beginners – Promotion World (press release) Fri, 18 Oct 2013 03:56:15 GMT

Main 12 SEO Tips for BeginnersPromotion World (press release)This is really, really important, when it comes to SEO. It’s not something you can essentially manage, and that’s disappointing. You just can ask or create outstanding content (which rarely …

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Google’s Matt Cutts: Don’t Worry About An SEO Down Side To Responsive … – Search Engine Land Wed, 06 Nov 2013 20:17:05 GMT

Google’s Matt Cutts: Don’t Worry About An SEO Down Side To Responsive …Search Engine Landresponsive design alone not mobile seo In a video released today by Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, he said you don’t have to worry about there being …

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Sep 27

Google Hummingbird – the latest animal in the Google Zoo


At a special event in the garage where Google was born, Google added a new animal – the Hummingbird to its growing menagerie.  Google announced a new “Hummingbird” search algorithm is live.

Google disclosed the existence of the new search formula on Thursday at an event held in the Menlo Park, California, garage where chief executive Larry Page and fellow co-founder Sergey Brin started the company 15 years ago.

Google Reveals  Hummingbird  Search Algorithm

Google Reveals Hummingbird Search Algorithm


The changes could have a major impact on traffic to websites. Hummingbird represents the most dramatic alteration to its search engine since it revised the way it indexes websites three years ago as part of a redesign called “Caffeine”, according to Singhal. He estimates the redesign affects about 90 per cent of the search requests Google gets.

Any reshuffling of Google’s search rankings can have sweeping ramifications because they steer so much of the internet’s traffic.

“Hummingbird” is the company’s effort to match the meaning of queries with that of documents on the Internet, said Singhal from the Menlo Park garage where Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin conceived their now-ubiquitous search engine.

“Remember what it was like to search in 1998? You’d sit down and boot up your bulky computer, dial up on your squawky modem, type in some keywords, and get 10 blue links to websites that had those words,” Singhal wrote in a separate blogpost.

“The world has changed so much since then: billions of people have come online, the Web has grown exponentially, and now you can ask any question on the powerful little device in your pocket.”

Hummingbird is the only group of birds with the ability to fly backwards – don’t think Google will be going backwards on this though!!

Sep 12

How to keep your mobile customers engaged


Keeping your mobile website’s visitors engaged can be tricky. While your desktop site can afford to feature tons of images, videos and other information, smartphones screens are limited in terms of space & loading speed.

So here are a few tips to keep people coming back to your mobile site week after week:

1. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is king in terms of designing a mobile site. Don’t overcomplicate things by overloading on videos, full-resolution photos & surplus content. bMobilized users can take advantage of our handing “hide” function, to prioritize what content really matters!
Example: takes the extremely complex world of finance & simplifies it down to 4 core menu items.
Simple. Focused.

2. Consider The Context

Think about it, what’s the reason for visiting your mobile site? It’s probably not to spend hours reading company bios, more likely it’s to get some quick info or get in touch. Make sure your click-to-call, click-to-map and other call-to-action buttons are clearly visible!
Example: Agency Care’s has a clear focus – get more clients. Their site is essentially a portfolio with contact buttons always at the bottom of the screen.

3. Design For The Screen

There is no “required” size for fonts and buttons, but there are a few loose guidelines. The default font size should be at least 14px – even if it seems too big – and headlines should be at least 18px.
Example: Basil Gloo understands the restrictions of the mobile canvas – text is easy to read & the design is not cluttered.




4. Brand It

Mobile sites give your business an incredible opportunity to build a brand. Make it professional, include your company logo, color scheme and style to make it instantly recognizable.

Example: Dolce & Gabbana’s branding is always front & center without overshadowing the 

rest of the page – picture speak volumes & can reinforce your brand identity effortlessly – just make sure they’re optimized for mobile!

Aug 08

Top 100 Global Brands Winning On YouTube Publish 78 To 500 Videos A Month


I thought I’d share this interesting article about the top 100 Global Brands and their use of YouTube which had some interesting stats and learnings.

Key Takeouts:

  • Top performing brands release approximately 78 videos per month, the biggest brands (mainly media related) release upwards of 500 videos per month.
  • Top 100 brands publishing rates on YouTube have increased 73% since 2009.
  • The top 100 brands have  generated 9.5 billion collective video views.
  •  Over 50% of the videos produced by the top 100 brands have less than 1000 views.


Key Learnings:

  •  Adding new video content is more beneficial than using multiple YouTube channels
  • There is a correlation between the number of videos a brand produces and the amount of views a video receives.
  • SEO optimisation of YouTube will help brands harness additional views and lead to greater social sharing.
  • YouTube videos have a much higher shelf life than other forms of social media with 40% of total views occurring in first 3 weeks, and 30% of total views happening between 4 and 12 weeks after the publishing date.  The remaining third will occur up to year after the original date.


The full article can be found here:


Its worth keeping in mind that Flarecom can help you with creating YouTube videos for your business such as the one we recently posted below.


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