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How to shoot great image and video content for your business

Content Marketing

Jun 15

Flarecom can help take you far when it comes to make your brand stand out from the competition with your videos.

Taking great photos and video clips can seem like a challenge at first. “Where should I start” you might think. But it doesn’t have to be difficult to get quality footage of your business. All you need is a smartphone, some good lighting, and some inspiration.

Here’s a couple of technical tips about shooting video or footage of your business with a smartphone:

1. Don’t shoot vertical video

We’re living in a widescreen world! Laptops, televisions, your Twitter feed, and your website are all examples of places where a vertical video probably won’t look great, and that also goes for Facebook videos.

2. Use a tripod

No matter how steady your hands are, it’s definitely worth the extra effort to stabilize your shots with a tripod, both for photo and video shooting. Tripods are super affordable and if you get one you’ll notice that you can get high quality video clips and photos without much hassle.

3. Don’t use the zoom

Avoid the temptation to use your smartphone’s built-in zoom. You’ll get much clearer results by simply moving the camera closer to the object you’re shooting.

4. If your shots are too dark, invest in some lighting

Have you ever used the built-in camera flash on a smartphone? They’re generally quite terrible. Try to get as much natural lights as possible (position yourself facing a window and use the sun), or invest in some professional lights.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to film about your business, so here’s a couple of tips we’ve put together for you who need a bit of a creative kickstart!

1. Film your product in the real world

Just adding dry product videos gets boring after a while. Shoot some images and videos of your product or service in action! Show your customers enjoying themselves or film your staff in action doing what they do best!

2. Don’t only shoot your product

You don’t need to ONLY shoot images and videos of your products. Sometimes, an effective video won’t even show the product until the end of the video! You can focus on how your product or service affects your customer’s lives or the community that surrounds it. What value does your product give to the world or the individual?

3. Make video a constant part of your marketing mix

Making one video and sitting back and relaxing thinking that you’ve mastered the art of video marketing is an easy trap to fall into. To really leverage the power of video you need to use it often. Make new videos to show of your new products, projects, clients etc. Innovate with new ways to use video, maybe you can make personified videos for your biggest clients as a thank you, or make a video for a prospect to show off what you can do for them!

4. Make different kind of videos

For example, maybe you want to make a demo of a new website you’re pitching to a client, or a Facebook live video if you have a more personal brand. Client/customer testimonials are another kind of video you might want to create to put on your website.

5. Use video online AND offline

Does your brand or client have a physical retail location? Add videos in your storefront to draw in more passersby, and add videos in your location to upsell and drive sales of your preferred products. Sale videos work both online and offline!

6. Use the seasons and sale periods

Got a big holiday coming up? Create a video in the mood of the holiday and publish on social media? Got a sale coming up? Announce it on your Instagram and Facebook, and put it up in your storefront! The opportunities are endless!

I hope these tips and tricks will help you get quality photos that you can use to make awesome videos. Amazing video is just around the corner!

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