How To Find Great (free) Photos & Videos For Your Video Online

Struggling to find content for your video?

Content Marketing

Aug 17

Recent stats show that online video drives a 157% increase in traffic from organic SERPs. With the growth of platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube it’s important for local businesses to take stock.

Understanding the value in creating videos for your company can be an effective way to drive new customers.

Although sometimes we all feel like we’re missing that creative spark we need to create great content online for our video marketing material.

Creating great video content from scratch can be difficult, however we can help you create amazing videos that will have a positive impact on your business. But even we can get stuck sometimes.

There’s generally two ways to get great content to use in your videos. One is that you take photos and video clips yourself.

The other one is to use content found online. There are a ton of free resources you can use, so scroll down to get a list of resources you can use to make awesome videos for your business!

Video Inspiration

Use the power of video to drive up sales, build brand awareness and help your company skyrocket.

Make social videos to engage your audience, increase shares and likes, and grow your social presence.

Introduce your products/brand in no time with Fashion Promo. A video with modern transitions, with some touch of colors on a black and white theme, will make your brand stand out from the crowd!

 Fashion Promo


How about an Instagram infographic video

Some texts + your logo + an Instagram account
= Presence on Instagram

instagram videos

Impress your audiences with this lovely monochrome themed design. It sophisticated and powerful. The energetic approach can be extremely appealing to your viewers.

You can’t go wrong!

get conversions on your social media videos

A unique video design that uses an extraordinary “image drop” theme to attract attention. The collage like effect sets off nostalgic vibes, which can be great for marketing.

Ideal for all products and services.


We can create short videos for your website to accompany your stories and attract attention with compelling videos.

How To Find Great (free) Photos and Videos For Your Video Online
There are a ton of great and free resources around the web where you can find amazing photos and video clips for free online! Here’s a list of resources you can use:

Video Clips:


Don’t let a perceived lack of ability get in your way, let us help you grow your revenue—and your business— with video today.


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