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Website Call Tracking


Website Call Tracking

Call tracking¬†¬†is an ideal way to see which keywords and traffic sources are generating offline telephone conversions¬†if you are already familiar with Google Analytic’s then this.

Discover which keywords make your phones ring using call tracking to measure advertising. Call tracking from your website & traditional offline media. Optimise online marketing spend and increase ROI.

Google AdWords Call Tracking

With your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts linked, you will also be able to see phone call conversions within your AdWords account, helping you make more informed decisions about your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising spend.
With this feature enabled, you will be able to see how many phone calls your campaigns, ad groups and even keywords have generated, and the average number of paid click throughs that are made before the phone call.The Google AdWords Call Tracking feature gives you the power to see your offline telephone conversions within your AdWords account with all the same reporting functionality that AdWords has to offer.

How does Adwords Call Tracking Work

Call tracking technology tracks every single visitor through to a phone call. It does this by allocating a unique telephone number to each visitor, so if that number is called we know which visitor it is. We can also track what the visitor is doing online, so we can report on how the visitor found your website, the exact keywords they used and which pages they looked at before, during and after they called.

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